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Greensboro Veterinarian It can be challenging to find a veterinarian that you trust to give your pet the skilled and compassionate veterinary care they deserve. At Durham Veterinary Clinic, we pride ourselves on catering to the simple and complex veterinary needs of dogs, cats, and some larger animals. We are a multi-generational clinic serving Greensboro for over 80 years. Our team is excited to meet you and your pet and begin a relationship you can count on for years to come.

We've served as dependable veterinarians to Greensboro residents and those in its surrounding communities for years. Our veterinary staff is committed to respecting your pet's personal space while working toward gaining their trust with each appointment. Whether they need a wellness exam or dental cleanings, our practice is here for you.

You can find our office between Old Eatonton Rd. and Willow Run Rd. If you're located in any nearby areas, our clinic is conveniently close to SR 44 and US 278. Our office features numerous parking spaces making it easy to visit us throughout the day without worrying about having somewhere to park. Call us today to book your dog or cat's next visit and take the first step toward getting them the veterinary care they need!

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Our High-Quality Veterinary Services

When you bring your pet in for its first visit, our Greensboro veterinarian will begin by conducting an extensive wellness exam. We'll look at your pet's eyes, ears, fur, teeth, and gums to determine their overall health condition and which of our services may suit them. Afterward, we'll create your pet's personalized treatment plan that outlines our recommended treatments and procedures. We are happy to adjust your pet's plan to fit your comfort level or budget.

Our excellent veterinary services include, but are not limited to:

Committed to Exceeding Your Expectations

At Durham Veterinary Clinic, we don't take the trust you place in us for granted. That's why our entire team works hard to exceed your expectations from the moment your pet walks through the door to when they're leaving. We're happy to accommodate requests, including directions on how to approach and treat your pet.

Quality Boarding for Your Pet

Our short and long-term pet boarding is a crucial component of our Greensboro animal clinic. You can rest assured that whether you're planning on being gone for a night or an entire weekend, our staff will treat your pet like a family member. We'll regularly check up on them and ensure they're getting exercise and attention.

Your Friendly Greensboro Animal Hospital

Whether you have a young dog or a senior cat, our Greensboro animal hospital has the services to help improve their quality of life. Our veterinary services include preventive, dental, and wellness care for dogs, cats, and some large animals. At Durham Veterinary Clinic, we also can perform pregnancy checks on herds of animals. Contact us today to schedule your pet's next visit with our compassionate and skilled veterinary team!

CALL US: (706) 453-7448


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