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At Durham Veterinary Clinic, we are a passionate team dedicating our expertise and years of experience to treat every cat and dog who walks through our doors in need of care. We can perform reliable surgical procedures delivered with tender care and a commitment to effective results. Our skilled veterinarians leverage advanced technology to offer a broad range of surgeries supporting your pets from a functional and health standpoint. We will work hard to help your ailing pets, whether they suffer from an injury, sickness, or degenerative condition.

We have been assisting the cats and dogs of our beloved Greensboro community for years. If your furry loved one is suffering for unknown reasons or has experienced an unfortunate accident, we are committed to pursuing an accurate diagnosis followed by swift treatment. We have a passion and talent for animal wellness, and our mission is to help those who cannot help themselves. Contact our office today and get your pet the gentle and efficient care they deserve!


Our Veterinary Surgical Procedures

Our veterinary hospital offers a broad range of surgical procedures, ranging from soft tissue surgeries to orthopedic operations. We provide quality services that can assist with issues and complications involving your pet's organs, skin, bones, masses, reproductive health, and much more. Our skilled team will work hard to help your cat or dog enjoy a quality life free from the constraints of pain, discomfort, and degenerative issues.

Some of the reliable surgical procedures we offer include, but are not limited to:

Our Thorough & Reliable Process

Before we begin surgery, our team provides a comprehensive pet exam, checking their body from head to tail, including ears, eyes, and the oral cavity. Additionally, we can test their urine or fecal matter to gain a thorough understanding of their health. This helps our attentive veterinarians determine which surgical option is the best choice for their unique situation and if they are healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.

Our Greensboro veterinary hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools like x-rays, which we utilize to devise the most effective plan of action to restore your pet's health. Our exams and surgeries are guided by our gentle, confident hands, and we will take the time to educate you on your pet's prognosis and what to expect from the treatment. Our compassionate veterinary team is devoted to helping your beloved cats and dogs continue living life to the fullest in a convenient timeframe if possible.

Surgery for Pets FAQs

We are caring and concerned pet parents, just like you. We understand that the notion of your furry family member undergoing a complex surgery can be daunting. Rest assured, our friendly and trusted staff will never leave you in the dark regarding any step of the process. We are ready to inform you regarding our procedural steps, materials we use, anesthesia options, and any helpful aftercare tips. Some frequently asked questions regarding veterinary surgeries include:

Is anesthesia safe for pets?

Anesthesia is a safe and common sedation option in the modern veterinary world. Our compassionate team will carefully monitor your pet when under anesthesia, and we can run a pre-anesthetic exam to determine how the internal organs will function under this service.

We recommend that you refrain from feeding your pet the morning before surgery, as it helps to reduce the chances of regurgitation before or after anesthesia has been administered. A small amount of water should be fine.

Most pets adapt quickly to their new situation after surgery, but if you find they're anxious, hyperactive, or uncomfortable for a lengthy stretch following the procedure, don't hesitate to contact our veterinarians. We can provide tips or discuss medications to help them relax during the recovery process.

Efficient Greensboro Veterinary Hospital

At Durham Veterinary Clinic, our skilled and compassionate team is committed to swiftly helping your ailing pets without ever sacrificing the quality of the results. We offer an extensive list of surgical options designed to improve their quality of life, functionality, and overall health. Our team leverages advanced in-house technology, and we have years of experience assisting dogs and cats of various breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments. We confidently perform reliable pet surgeries delivered with the gentle and respectful care we believe all animals deserve.

Our Greensboro veterinarians look forward to meeting you and your adorable pets so we can forge a trusted professional relationship you can rely on. Our passionate veterinary hospital will welcome you with open arms and work hard to provide effective surgical procedures devoted to keeping your pets happy and healthy for the long term. Contact us today to find out more about our veterinary surgical procedures!


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