We are always striving to provide your pet with superior care.  Here is what some of our pet parents have to say about our practice:

I love Durham’s Vet Clinic because they saved my Sweet kitty, Zeus. Not only were they affordable and got Zeus in as quick as possible, Dr. Rob saved his leg and he is as good as new. Hey kept me informed and updated throughout his surgery and recovery.

Susan M

I highly recommend this Vet to anyone who loves their animals. When my Maltese Shitzu (Dixie) was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and congested heart failure, the staff and doctors went out of their way in helping me with her medication so I could afford them since I'm on a fixed income. These doctors care and are there for you as well. They will answer your concern questions. My family has been using Durham for many years.

Laura B

Durham Vet has the most caring and compassionate Vets and staff! Our chocolate lab, Belle, struggled with anxiety, especially storm anxiety. They always made sure she was well taken care of when she was boarded, and always thought of her when they received new products that could possibly benefit her. I cannot thank them enough for all the care and love they provided her over the years.

Carri T

Dr. Rob Durham is the best diagnostician and surgeon. My last case he tackled was a luxating patella in my dog's (Dolly) left knee. My dog is a shelter dog and her history was sketchy.
The luxating patella had been there a while.
But Rob thought he could fix it and he did! It was a very intricate surgery and he said it was one of the worst surgeries he had performed.

Dolly is walking well and at 10 1/2 she is doing good. She may limp when she's overdone it but she's not holding her left paw off the floor anymore when she walks.

Susan D

Many years ago, we had a miniature daschund who was bitten in the face by a copperhead. It was on a Fathers’ Day Sunday in June. We were in a panic with Pixie’s little face distorted and swelling rapidly. We called Dr. Durham and he left church and met us at his clinic. He was there for us dressed in his Sunday finest. We never thought Pixie would survive a direct strike to her face but Dr. Durham saved her. This was Dr. Durham Sr., Dr. Bobby. He was our hero, he left family and church to be there for us and thanks to his immediate response, he saved out little Pixie.. Durham Vet Clinic is a treasure. It is our own “All Creatures Great and Small” right here in Greensboro.. Our community is blessed to have them.

Thank you Dr. Bobby!

Gail and Don C

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